Women Necklaces Wear

- Aug 17, 2017 -

Now many people say: "Jewelry is the key to open a woman's heart, a woman can not escape the temptation of jewelry." Although this argument can not be applied to all women, but for most women, if you can have jewelry, Always a very happy thing.

Jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings are called "three pieces". People look at the necklace as a "big three" core, because of its location (under the chest) is the most obvious place. So wear necklaces, must pay attention to style on the road, the size of moderate. So as to highlight the wearer's temperament, personality and charm, to reduce or make up a person's face or neck some of the shortcomings, to create surprising decorative effect.

Generally speaking, young women wear necklaces is mainly to add youthful beauty and delicate, should wear some fine gold-free gold chain, it will give people a sense of slim and beauty. Middle-aged women wearing necklaces, in addition to the decorative body of the United States, the more expressive of the meaning of elegance, and thus wear some thick necklace better.

For the average woman, the short necklace can make the face wider, neck thicker. Some women neck slightly longer, that wear multiple necklaces can reach the neck thickening effect, in fact just right, but the slender neck more conspicuous. Square face, neck short women should wear a long necklace, matching wearing a larger collar, lower coat, so that the necklace fully revealed, people have a long neck of the impression, thereby increasing the beauty.

If you are slender, body of light women, should wear gem particles smaller, slightly longer necklace. If you are a plump woman, should wear a lighter color, larger grain gem necklace. It is like wearing clothes, body fat some of the clothes to wear a little fat, but not appear fat; if fat wear thin clothes, it will always look tight, more uncoordinated.

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