Women Necklaces The Type Of

- Sep 05, 2017 -

The brand is not the main problem, the main one is the style, and whether it is suitable for you.

2. When choosing the necklace style, you should pay attention to the style that you choose to match your face, so that you can have a satisfactory effect.

(1) oval face, which is the oval face, is the most beautiful face shape, which is basically unrestricted by the style, and what kind of gold necklace style you wear will look good.

(2) round face shape, round face ladies are more suitable for longer necklaces or t-shaped necklaces that elongate the face. It should be noted that as far as possible away from the chunky necklaces, large gems and pearls should also be avoided.

(3) the oval face, because the face is long, you need to use coarser necklace to make up the contrast, similarly, the necklace set of gems, add beauty already, also can make the face look better.

(4) triangle face, more trenchant edges and corners, can use for gold necklace style to weakening of the face edges, can choose the design is more eye-catching gold necklace, or line downy gold necklace. Try not to choose a necklace with a sharp end.

When buying a necklace, first try it, check whether the arc of the chain is natural, such as a zigzag between the link, and feel uncomfortable when wearing. Next, put the necklace straight, with one hand picked up a head, gently shaking, then with his other hand lift chain on the other side, waiting for its no longer shake in the air, see if it is twist wring, are there any obvious knot, such as a flat state or in the limit of the necklace. Finally, with the nails gently moving the confluence ring, check whether the elasticity is good at the beginning.

Ms necklace The Times development to the present, each one collar hung a shining eyes absorption of necklace, the season of wear cool and refreshing summer, necklace gleaming moment more, and female friends show necklace to show his charm, but also has exquisite, the kinds of necklace necklace gave you talk about today.

O chain: one of the most common types of necklaces, named for a variety of o-shaped collars, can be matched with different styles of pendants.

Chopin chain: it has nothing to do with Chopin, the musician. It is characterized by good gloss, solid and solid.

Hinge chain: white in the woven chain, female in summer wear, can perfectly highlight the sexy beauty of the collarbone.

Yubao chain: the part of the necklace is a concave, shaped like object, which can be worn with art style and fashion style pendant.

Chain of lips: look at the necklace like two lips. It is very interesting. The shape of light gram makes the necklace look very fashionable.

Yang tao chain: it is named for the shape of Yang tao. It is similar to the lips, and the Yang tao chain is also light and large. The shape of silver makes it very popular.

Snake bone bead chain: has the unique luster, haunts the neck to glib, the bead modelling temperament is very, can tie-in evening dress to wear.

See ms to integrate most of the above common necklace, everyone know, ms necklace actually also points of material, a diamond necklace, gold necklace, silver necklace, a platinum necklace, etc., with people be fond of according to choose, choose a style design is to meet a woman necklace you mind not only on the temperament to make the same score points also can let a person more confidence

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