Rings Widely Used

- Oct 18, 2017 -

The ring is derived from ancient sun worship. The ancient ring is made of jade, Rings symbolizing the sun god day round, that it is like a sun god, giving a warm, shelter of human happiness and peace, but also a symbol of virtue and eternity, truth and faith. Wedding, the groom wearing a gold ring, Rings a symbol of the red sun; bride wearing a silver ring, a symbol of the moon.

The diamond ring was first used as a marriage in 1477, by the Austrian Maximilian I gave the French princess of Mary as an engagement gift. But the 15th century diamond ring are diamonds in the natural crystal inlaid system, that is, without precision cutting of the diamond blanks, therefore, Rings not as today's pearing jewelry as shining, it was octahedron, like the two bottom of the pyramid, One side up, shape the meaning of the same as the pyramid, the evil hidden in the ground, so beautiful love lasting eternal. Although the diamond was not completely blooming, the craftsmen still use the silver foil, black, green carved leaves of enamel and ruby to set off the diamond white light, lovers love the engraved engraved ring The

Until the 16th century, diamonds polished and cut was widely used and created a novel double ring wedding ring, the ring has two rings, fan-shaped from the bottom of the fulcrum spread, Rings together is a Immortal ring, is a symbol of marriage into one of the meaning of the ring also engraved with the "God with the people can not be separated," the Proverbs, 1525, Martin Luther and Gardlin Bona married, they wear This ring.

Into the 17th century, the style of the ring has a new change, there are shapes such as burning fire heart, insert the arrows of God, and a pair of gold carved into a small hand holding heart-shaped diamond shape. Wedding rings are more on the thumb, but at the wedding, people still wear on the ring finger, the more romantic legend, that is, the ring finger of the blood directly into the heart, that is, the location of love.

In the 18th century, the further improvement of the cutting process and the inlaying process made the diamonds more bright, decorated in a complicated and fancy fashion, and some diamonds on top of the shield-shaped shields with light blue enamel; Like a vase, the leaves are long and narrow emeralds, Rings diamonds inlaid into the flowers are particularly eye-catching; even in today it seems quite personality of the word design, each letter filled with precious stones in the ring ring to praise The words. Rings The poem of love is also moved to the outside of the ring, and at the same time derived from the whole set in a circle of small diamonds ring wearing the same finger on the wedding ring before, in order to avoid the wedding ring lost guardian ring.

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