Rings Material

- Oct 18, 2017 -

A ring, an ornament worn on a finger, can be worn by anyone. The custom of wearing the ring has a long history, and different places have different meanings for different means of wearing. Materials can be metals, gemstones, plastic, wood or bone.

European women began to wear rings in the 14th century. It is also said that the ring is worn on which finger. Wearing the middle finger means being in love; Worn on the ring finger to represent an engaged or married; Wearing small fingers means wanting to get married. It is also worth noting that the ring should be on the left hand.

Engagement rings are worn in the middle finger of the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand; If unmarried girl, should wear the middle finger or ring finger in the right hand, otherwise, will make a lot of pursuers put off. The ring of course is worn on the middle finger

How to buy a ring

The ring styles

Female style will compare costly and fancy, while male style needs to be plain, simple. And the most important thing is the temperament that suits you two, need not pick the most expensive also need not choose the best, the most important is to choose the most suitable.

Pay attention to the size of wedding rings

Ring finger ring the standard of the size, called the hand inch, by the number. It is divided into Hong Kong style and American style. Most people hand inch between 4-26, the safest method of measurement is please jewelry store clerk to you two individual measurement, can also adopt the method of online measuring itself: find a string or a piece of paper, around the finger rings will have to place a circle, a rope or with a pen on a fold in a tag, and then measure the length with a ruler, and a comparison to be hand inch CRT.

The ring material

Couples are more likely to choose a platinum diamond ring when choosing a wedding ring, and a simple one will be a platinum one. More commonly made with 18 k gold and platinum ring, its high hardness, convenient set with diamonds and gems, notably the platinum pure, rare, eternal love, become the material of choice for wedding ring it up, by feeling stronger implies the eternal love. In recent years, on the wedding ring is often no longer simply the diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, emerald this kind of colored gems, colourful dazzing between also welcomed by many couples.

Decide on the ring setting

The ring of wedding ring is mainly made of claw, package, insert, nail and so on. Claw inlays are the most traditional and classic inlays, and the most mainstream inlays for the current wedding ring. Other kinds of tessellations can be collectively known as unclawed, which can be inlaid into a ring. It is easy to wear. It will not hook into clothes and hair, and daily care is relatively simple.

The groom's ring

When choosing a ring, the bridegroom can use the platinum wedding ring as the first choice. It will not fade and discolored, and it will be suitable for all kinds of skin. In particular, the skin sensitive groom doesn't have to worry about having an allergic reaction, because it's different from other metals. If you feel too high on the high profile, you can polish the polished surface to create a sandblasting effect. The ring shows the sense of the sublight, which is both low-key and stylish.

Choose to buddhist monastic discipline

In choosing the right to quit, the new couple should notice that you are choosing between the two witnesses, the guardian of your marriage, so it is of course the choice of both of you. At the same time, it is better to go shopping together, because the wedding ring has a high requirement for both hands and hands. Only I can see the effect and choose the best for you

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