Look At Live Jewelry Place Three

- Dec 08, 2016 -

1, bracelets

Bracelet is most of them some jewelry, it is different from the type of material, such as metal, diamond, Crystal, jade, rosewood bracelets and so on, process specially, the price is different. Bracelet has a better meaning, which represents peace and happiness, and wearing it looks pretty.

2, necklace

Necklace jewelry is ladies are often wearing of, each ladies are has himself very like of a article or is several article necklace, especially in summer, it more is ladies are of love, certainly men also has wearing of, just compared less, it of type also many, has Pearl of, gold of, also has silver of and so on, wearing necklace, can let you more displayed woman taste, more has temperament

3, earrings

Earrings is is common of jewelry, it of shape different, style novel, style rich, we in select earrings of when, to note according to himself of face to purchase, long of people select round of; round face of people recommends select long of sagging of earrings, such can make up we face of insufficient, also has to purchase quality good of, not wearing of when, to put it put good, durable.

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