Earrings Very Important

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Earrings, earrings worn on the left and right sides of the face, and the human face is the most compelling, so earrings, earrings are too appropriate to wear it. Can be said, Earrings earrings, earrings worn properly, can make the face of women become beautiful, play the icing on the cake; otherwise, will make the original pretty face was affected, Earrings even worse, will make people feel vulgar How do you pick an earrings that make yourself icing on the cake?

Ear studs better than wearing earrings; earrings produced by the exaggerated decorative effect is much smaller than the earrings. Most earrings produce a visual effect of widening the face, Earrings because the earring will cause the observer's eyes to sweep the entire face.

Suitable earrings, earrings should be their daily wear ornaments. Earrings Thin or narrow face, put on the appropriate earrings, you can play to compensate for the lack of face, add beautiful role.

Please note that you can not wear that kind of large and round button earrings, because this earrings will make people feel full face fullness, making the round face looks more round and more fat. This type of face women can choose to wear jewelry from the earrings, Earrings it will make people feel the face of the wearer's growth. Or two ears should wear small and bright single diamond stud earrings, on the one hand because the ear nail small size, will not increase the width of the face; the other hand, diamond sparkling, easy to make people focus on the middle of the face, Earrings so that Face narrow, looks seem coordinated and decent

 Decorative face of the essentials is a little increase in the width of the jaw, Earrings resulting in thinner for the fullness of the visual effects. Therefore, you can wear a flower-like earrings, people seem quiet and elegant; can also wear a simple concise swing ring, people seem lively, chic.

Ear-shaped earrings, small and lovely, with a bead-shaped, heart-shaped, Earrings butterfly-shaped, oval, etc., are suitable for the body to wear less women. Large ring is more suitable for tall women, small ring of demure beautiful young women wear the most suitable. Wear earrings, it is best not to wear a brooch or bracelet, Earrings so as not to sluggish. If accompanied by the same color series of necklaces or rings will add color Tim Hui. Lady wearing glasses with a small earrings ear pierced ear (paste ear), can make you look elegant and refined, Earrings but can not wear necklaces or brooches. Earrings give people the feeling is horizontal, so long face type people wear more appropriate.

All jewelry in the most able to adjust the role of the face of the ornaments, Earrings whether it is Ambilight long earrings, or subtle soft round earrings, if selected properly, can not be perfect face shape balance, but if Do not care to choose the appropriate earrings, then backfire, Earrings more prominent shortcomings. How to choose the style and shape of the earrings to match the face shape, so that the face glowing perfect glory? The following for different face shape analysis, if many standards and suggestions to make you dazzled, Earrings then remember the basic principles with: earrings shape to avoid repeating your face, but can not be extremely opposite with the face shape.

Select the earrings to consider the color and clothing color, Earrings the same color of the deployment can produce a harmonious beauty, on the contrary, the contrast of the color if the match is appropriate, will appear full of dynamic. Skin color darker people should not wear too bright and bright earrings, you can choose silver, such as pearl earrings to cover the color of the dull, showing elegant temperament; Earrings and the skin white tender woman suitable for wearing color contrast is relatively large, such as wine red Or pomegranate red, Earrings peacock blue and other color earrings, to set off the brilliance of color

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