Earrings How To Choose The Right One

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Among the many jewelry, what jewelry can beautify the most facial lines, can make the overall effect of the more attractive look? Earrings are well-deserved choice, you can make the face and neck lines soft. Master the choice of earrings, earrings can be modified by the whole face is perfect, under the background of the earrings show a different charm and temperament

1. oval face wearing their own face color and face size of the earrings can be, without too much modification, it is beautiful.

2. Oval face because of the chin is relatively sharp, suitable for wearing "the lower edge of the upper edge of the earrings," such as the earrings, such as drop-shaped, gourd-shaped and angle is not very sharp triangle, etc., can increase the weight of the beauty of the face, Department of lines, so that the face looks more straight run.

3. round egg face should be selected such as rectangular whip-shaped, drop-shaped earrings and pendant, they can make your plump face lines with soft, you can create a face to increase the length of the face to reduce the width of the visual effect.

4. The square face is suitable for wearing long oval-shaped curved earrings, such as long oval, chord, new leaf shape, monochrome petal, etc., help to increase the length of the face, ease the face angle.

5. The best fit of the diamond face is the "lower edge than the upper edge" of the shape, such as water-shaped, chestnut-shaped, etc., can make the whole face to see some rounded.

6. Under the tip of the face of the choice of "the lower edge of the edge is less than the edge of the earrings, if wearing a pendant earrings, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant, it is best not to avoid not long to end in the jaw, Lines, to achieve the balance of the width of the jaw. While avoiding wearing a very obvious earrings.

7. Long face is more suitable for wearing a "round effect" of the earrings, like rounded earrings, tightly buckle in the ears to distribute the unique charm of individuals, but also can wear like a round, square fan-shaped design of the earrings , They round the radius of the beautiful arc characteristics, can be clever for you to increase the width of the face, reducing the length of the face.


Earrings choose the highest principle is the shape of the earrings to avoid duplication with the face, nor the opposite, earrings on the face can play a balance effect, wear is not right will destroy the original beauty.

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