Earrings Efficacy

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Earrings are worn in the ear. Most of the earrings are made of metal, some of which may be stone, wood, or other similar hard material. Earrings in earlobes. It is rich in shape and wears mainly women. Individual men also wear it. There are usually 3 ways to wear it: through the ears. Clip the earlobe with the reed; Screw with screws. It is made of gold and silver, and is also decorated with beaded jade or hanging beads. Modern also popular with plastic or marble, ceramics and other materials made of the earrings, generally with the clothing matching.

Ear nail: ear nail is a kind of accessory of the ear, smaller than earring, shape like nail shape. It usually requires piercing through the ear holes to wear, and the stud shape is kaleidoscopic, but it does not change the characteristics of the earlobe, the earlobe shape, the earlobe behind the earlobe (also known as the ear plug). There are usually silver, gold, plastic and so on. When the ear nail is not worn, or before wearing it, it's best to soak it in alcohol for 5 minutes. Some people are allergic to some metals because they are sensitive. If they are allergic, it is best to use silver ear nails.

Earrings: earrings are pierced through a hole in the ear ball (except for clip-on earrings). Other options include ear bones, ears, inner ear, and so on. "Pierced ears" usually means wearing ear beads, and other parts are specifically specified.

Eardrop: a kind of earring, which is a pendant with pendants.

Earrings and earrings are one of the most important women's jewelry that can be seen in women's beauty. The design, length and shape of earrings are used to adjust people's vision and to beautify the image.

There are two types of earrings in the market. The former is only suitable for the earlobe that has perforator worn, the insertion ring goes straight through the ear canal, can attach the decorations firmly to the earlobe. The latter is mainly used in the ear clamps to fasten to the earlobe, its advantages are easy to unload.

Earrings styles varied, with fallinger, square, triangle, diamond, circular, oval, twin torsion bar circle, big trap small circle and so on the many kinds of style, the color is also varied, with gold, silver and jewelry fitting for various material collocation, make earrings to taste more varied.


The earrings are very unique and stand out. Although the volume of the earpiece is small, it doesn't look like much, but when the earpiece is worn on the earlobe, the first focus of attention is usually the face and ear. Therefore, earrings can help the wearer to attract the attention of the person around them, and can coordinate and modify the effect of the face as a whole.

Earrings also have a strange effect. In ancient times, when the earring was first appeared, people were trying to ward off evil spirits by wearing ear ornaments. And modern medical certificate, the position that ear adorn is worn is exactly the point that traditional Chinese medicine commonly USES, wear ear ornament to be able to relieve wearers eyesight tired, help to keep cheerful mood. Therefore, wearing earrings is a combination of beauty and health!

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