Daily Accessory Combination Points

- Dec 08, 2016 -

1, rich jewelry styles, the first thing you know clearly what kind of jewelry is appropriate for occasions, for example, you hold a gem types of jewelry, expensive, luxurious, in some grand occasion (party, event). And usually just go out shopping, a plain, simple and easy, but without losing the fine jewelry is a plus, these ornaments are not going to let you look over the "grave" and at the same time to reveal your beauty and temperament.

2, in the jewelry selection, you need to dress to match, for example, you simply wearing a down jacket, but no hair, it really doesn't go down, the whole looks aesthetically. In addition, the flower head usually likes to wear, clothing care, needs the right of it, so that the entire people will become more refined, more elegant aesthetic.

3, waist chain, take a look at your pants or skirt really suitable matching waist chain, if there is a combination of color line. Usually in a waist chain design, color is very much, for the occasion, pay attention to the level of the overall mix, or embodies his own unique style, waist chain would seem redundant.

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