Bracelets Type

- Sep 05, 2017 -

The bracelet is a kind of jewelry, which is worn on the wrist part, which is mostly made of gold and silver, as well as ore, crystal, etc.

Lawmakers: first the two cord can be folded in half and the left hand took midpoint, and use your right thumb and forefinger two cord (two rope can't meet together, set aside 1 cm distance), pinch of line up or down at the same time, then loosen the left hand rope twisted together, left and right, respectively, to the right according to the previous operations over and over again. The second method is to use a single rope, and the left and right hand respectively hold the rope in the opposite direction, twisting the rope in the opposite direction, and then twisting it to the necessary tightness to fold the rope in half. I think the first one is better.


Diamond class

Diamond bracelet is made of diamonds and other precious metal bracelet, the popularity of the popularity of diamond, and so did the diamond bracelet, dazzling diamond bracelet has become the hot destination of each big jeweler to design, diamond bracelet besides beautiful, no other effect.

Gem class

Sapphire, with its beautiful and beautiful color, is regarded as an auspicious thing by the mysterious and supernatural colors of ancient people. Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome were used to decorate mosques, churches and temples as tributes to religious rituals. It has also been an indispensable accessory to the crown of the British empire, the crown of the Russian czar, and the gown, with diamonds and pearls. Sapphire has been one of the world's five most precious stones since it entered the world in nearly 100 years.

Crystal class

Wear method

According to the seven laws of the great moon palace, crystals are basically divided into two categories: radioactive crystals and absorbing crystals. Radioactive crystal belong to high frequency crystal, it can attract, for some of the magnetic field radiation energy, for example about the cause of green ghost, purple topaz in charge of the money and the backbone of the health-related crystal, belong to the radioactive crystal, should be put on the right hand. As for the absorption crystal, it is low frequency to absorb some energy, such as pink crystals related to love, which should be worn on the left hand. The obsidian which is in the right way should be put on the right hand.


Whether it's a single hand or a second-hand crystal, it's a lot of people's hands, the magnetic field is so disorganized, it's better to bury it in the thick salt for a night before you wear it, and purify it. In addition, due to the different places frequented, easy to absorb bad temperament, affects the energy of SPAR or receive for a long time, so every wear to a month of time, will put the crystal water major axis (namely crystal original stone/parent, any category crystal) side purification; If there are no crystal shafts, it can be wrapped in tin foil, wrapped in bread, in natural soil, purified with natural gas, or soaked in distilled water for one night, which will help to make the crystal more powerful.

Pay attention to the key points of crystal

1. Shower shampoo, heavy labor and sports activities, it is better not to wear jewelry to avoid damage

2. Do not contact with corrosive chemicals such as strong acid or strong alkali to prevent deterioration and influence the gloss

Touch the crystal with your hands. Natural crystals are usually cooler than artificial crystals.

To identify

Eye observation, unless it is the top triple-a natural crystal clear and immaculate, the general natural crystal bracelet usually has a cotton flocculation, which is not what the artificial crystal has. For such monochrome crystal amethyst, citrine, usually to observe its dichroism, even the top also have off color amethyst, citrine, by this method can identify whether additive. These are the easiest ways to understand. Master these and basic pairs of crystal bracelets can be authenticated.

Hisui class

The jade bracelet

Bracelet has become a fashion icon, the focus of the pursuit of fashion, but jade bracelet gorgeous but not vulgar, nobility is elegant, more can highlight the wearer's extraordinary temperament and the pursuit of life taste. Especially green water ice kinds of natural green full myanmar quiet old pit A cargo Bai Jinyu jadeite bracelet is selected from the old pit ice Yang green jade, is one of the best, the jade jade-like stone embellish is full, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, more important is the moral good, moral, academic, possessions, cut into prosperity. Many Tibetan friends have said she is very important when the choose and buy, the collection of jade products jade "kind", namely we often say ice, jade pendant on the outer surface gloss is very good, translucent to transparent, clear as ice, give a person with bingqing YuYing feeling.

I. type:

The first is the emerald A, as the name suggests, which means pure natural, unembellished and carved to destroy the emerald of its interior crystal structure. It is this kind of natural beauty that is not carved.

The second is jade cargo B, this refers to the original color of poor jade after artificial chemicals, such as strong acid, strong alkali soaking, make its molecular structure was destroyed and restructuring, colour and lustre is improved, we call such a jadeite jade cargo B.

The third kind is the emerald C goods, which refers to the uncolored or light-colored jade that has been artificially dyed. The pigment only exists between the cracks between the emerald and the crystals, and carefully observe the defects.

Ii. Effects:

People often say, jade can raise people, jade also belongs to a kind of jade. Because the good jade is pure, free of impurities, natural beauty, its exorcism and other benefits can be imagined. In the office, we use the emerald gold bracelet, elegant, confident, refined and decent. The dinner party will wear emerald green jade, displaying the splendor and beauty, beautiful and charming; At the funeral, choose ink jade; Hiking in the countryside, the long bead chain that chooses to take off, make you comfortable and comfortable, change infinite.

In addition, everyone says that jade is easy but clean and maintenance is difficult, and how to clean and maintain the jade? Don't look at the jade chain but it's important to clean it up. Cleaning should be very cautious, if you are troublesome, we can use the convenient method, direct purchase professional cleaning the jade protection agent to gently wipe. But never wash with detergent. Local clean maintenance we can use a small brush to brush the dirt, but this little brush must be very soft, if not will brush the surface of the jade bad, if you don't often wear when we can use the cloth to wipe with oil. Place it in a dry place and wait for it to be worn.

Iii. Identification:

1, identify by weight Due to the density of jade itself proportion is big, we can put the jade hand weigh in hand to move up and down inside a few times, feel to there is a downward pressure on heavy feel, feel it may be the true jade.

2, to identify by hardness The true jade hardness is very high, we can use a sharp nails or iron hard objects such as knives to delimit or scratched the surface of the jade, if is really the jade, jade surface when there will be a slippery feeling and leave no scratches.

3, by hitting voice to identify We can use the rope tie emerald, and then use the rope in hand to lift the emerald dangling picked up, and then gently with hard stick to knock the jade, if it is real after hitting the sound is very clear.

4, identified by the color of the surface gloss True jade feels very smooth surface with the hand, and in the sun will appear very luster, internal decorative pattern is also very delicate and cool and refreshing feeling.

5, with a magnifying glass view of its cross section is incision for some jade can use at high magnification, a magnifying glass to watch slit, really will have obviously irregular emerald cut broken lines, can also see the internal fine structure.

6, by hot water soak to identify We can put the jade in boiling hot water, after a period of time to see whether there is water rub off, or cloth emeralds, see if there are any color, if it is really hisui wouldn't fall colors.

Iv. Maintenance:

1, often wear, people often say "jade raise people, people raise jade", often wearing is the most effective maintenance method for jadeite

2. Cleaning the dirt only needs to use clear water not to be miserable with any cleaning agent, after cleaning, wipe dry with soft cloth

3. When the jade is picked off, it is best to put it in a place that is not easy to touch

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