Bracelets Identification Of

- Oct 18, 2017 -

The bracelet is a kind of jewelry, which is worn on the wrist part, which is mostly made of gold and silver, as well as ore, crystal, etc.


First two cord can be folded in half and the left hand took midpoint, and use your right thumb and forefinger two ropes (two rope can't meet together, set aside 1 cm distance), pinch of line up or down at the same time, then loosen the left hand rope twisted together, left and right, respectively, to the right according to the previous operations over and over again. The second method is to use a single rope, and the left and right hand respectively hold the rope in the opposite direction, twisting the rope in the opposite direction, and then twisting it to the necessary tightness to fold the rope in half. I think the first one is better.


1, identify by weight Due to the density of jade itself proportion is big, we can put the jade hand weigh in hand to move up and down inside a few times, feel to there is a downward pressure on heavy feel, feel it may be the true jade.

2, to identify by hardness The true jade hardness is very high, we can use a sharp nails or iron hard objects such as knives to delimit or scratched the surface of the jade, if is really the jade, jade surface when there will be a slippery feeling and leave no scratches.

3, by hitting voice to identify We can use the rope tie emerald, and then use the rope in hand to lift the emerald dangling picked up, and then gently with hard stick to knock the jade, if it is real after hitting the sound is very clear.

4, identified by the color of the surface gloss True jade feels very smooth surface with the hand, and in the sun will appear very luster, internal decorative pattern is also very delicate and cool and refreshing feeling.

5, with a magnifying glass view of its cross section is incision for some jade can use at high magnification, a magnifying glass to watch slit, really will have obviously irregular emerald cut broken lines, can also see the internal fine structure.

6, by hot water soak to identify We can put the jade in boiling hot water, after a period of time to see whether there is water rub off, or cloth emeralds, see if there are any color, if it is really hisui wouldn't fall colors.

Iv. Maintenance:

1, often wear, people often say "jade raise people, people raise jade", often wearing is the most effective maintenance method for jadeite

2. Cleaning the dirt only needs to use clear water not to be miserable with any cleaning agent, after cleaning, wipe dry with soft cloth

3. When the jade is picked off, it is best to put it in a place that is not easy to touch


Wearing a powder crystal can heal your love wounds and reduce your emotional troubles. So the powder crystal is the stone of love cannot be overemphasized. If you're doing business in a public place with a star array or a display, you can increase your store traffic and build good public relations to promote business.

It helps to reduce the alertness of customers, compares the heart with the guard psychology, can make the client buys boldly, is the best weapon that opens the door to do business. Natural crystals should be worn for a period of time to be maintained, demagnetizing and cleaning. I wish the crystal lovers a lot of money.

If you are our present-day "leftover women", suggest you choose accessories consider wearing powder natural crystal jewelry, crystal pink itself, give a person a kind of special affinity, pink light and love god, Buddha los DE to illustrate that the color of love, for those who are single friend suggest wearing this crystal is the most appropriate to increase the heterosexual love, also is very effective, if you already have a partner, you can improve your and your partner's feelings, it will bring you a very harmonious and happy love life, so couples bicker quarrel.

Powder crystals have a lot of bracelets or necklaces. Powder crystal main development heart chakra, strengthens heart and lung function healthy, can relax tension mood, ease the agitation mood. Helping to improve self-understanding in the heart, powder crystal exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can improve interpersonal relationship and promote popularity of popularity.

Powder crystals can make people more attractive, improve relationships, and gain popularity with the opposite sex. On this basis, increase feelings, increase the marriage, it can prompt people to pursue true love, enhance self-confidence, promote the development of the feelings of couples, powder crystal can make the two sides trust each other, couples conjugal love, sweet love blossom, finally can walk into marriage of heaven, to enjoy the fun of marriage finally maintain the happiness of the family.

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