Bracelets Effect

- Aug 17, 2017 -

Bracelet is a kind of jewelry, worn in the wrist parts, mostly gold and silver and other metal products, there are ore, crystal and other systems.

Bracelet is chain-like, to pray for peace, calm mind and beauty as the main purpose.

Wearing pink crystals can heal your love trauma and reduce your emotional troubles. So that pink crystal is love stone this is not an exaggeration. If you are doing business in public places put pink crystal to do the seven array or ornaments and the like, you can increase your shop traffic, the establishment of good public relations to promote business edge.

Help to reduce the customer's alertness, more heart and preparedness psychological, customers can make a bold purchase, is the best weapon to open the door to do business. Natural crystal wear for some time to remember to carry out maintenance, degaussing and cleaning. Jing Jing Xuan wish the majority of crystal lovers peach everywhere, financial resources rolling.

If you are the contemporary "left women", it is recommended that you choose to jewelry when you may wish to consider wearing pink crystal-based natural crystal jewelry, pink itself gives a unique affinity, pink light is love love Aofu Luo Di world Show the color of love, for those single nobles friends recommend wearing this crystal the most appropriate but for the increase of heterosexual love, is also very effective, if you have a partner, you can improve your feelings with the other half, it will give You bring a very harmonious and happy feelings of life, such as the couple quarrel between the bicker.

Pink crystal has a lot of bracelets or necklaces. Pink crystal main development heart wheel, strengthen the heart and lung function health, can relax tension, relieve irritability. To help deepen the inner self-improvement, pink crystal exudes a moderate and attractive flying pink light, can improve interpersonal relationships, and promote the edge of business and so on.

Pink crystal can make people popular, improve interpersonal relationships, get popular and heterosexual goodwill; on this basis, increase feelings, increase the marriage, it can promote people to pursue true love, enhance self-confidence, promote the feelings of couples, powder Crystal allows the two sides to trust each other, the couple loves sweet, love flowering results, and ultimately into the marriage paradise, enjoy the fun of marriage, and finally maintain the family happy.

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