Bangle The Structure Is Firm

- Sep 20, 2017 -

1. There can be cracks. Crack is hand to buckle, bangle the pattern is not buckle, and some cracks and the background color is not the same color, then it will be obvious that try to choose the crack is not obvious.

In order not to affect the structure of the bracelet solid, bangle if there is crack, bangle would rather choose the direction of the bracelet, even longer, bangle do not choose and bracelet vertical cracks, easy to exterminate in the external force completely broken.

2. There may be impurities. Similarly, the impurities are not obvious, bangle hidden in the inside or not to gather. There are some not impurity, is a little bit of skin color or yellow Fei, but floating on the surface, bangle resulting in "sprinkle gold" effect, if you do not mind also want to ask the color does not matter friends

3. a bright cover a hundred ugly! If the pattern of a lot of complex, to choose the density of large, polished throwing bright, because the relationship between reflective, bangle will not see the pattern and miscellaneous. This depends on the type of jade, bangle stone and more large pores, throwing not bright, bangle the more the more fine throw the more bright. What we want is the effect is good, not the perfect molecular structure, right?

4. Can be other shapes of bracelets, bangle choose a wider face Do not have to round bracelet (profile is O-shaped), the more waste, square bracelet if beautiful and cut Billy appropriate also very three-dimensional ah. bangle Positive bracelet (profile is D-shaped), and the imperial bracelet (the front is oval, the profile is D), bangle because the stone is not enough to plan out the different types of bracelets.

5. Can not be green, blue and green The most popular price is also the highest, green and spicy green most eye-catching, fruit green is also a popular color. But if you also like purple, bangle red, yellow, gray, black, it can be to find their own satisfaction bracelet.

6. Find a trusted shop. Jewelry because of color and try to wear a lot of people still tend to the store, but the store is expensive, and may not have a lot of choice, bangle the four-digit bracelet can be the same as the stone. There are summer outside so hot, stroll it Shop to take a mind to carefully distinguish can certainly find the right, the owner is honest, whether the enthusiasm hospitality must answer, rather than at every turn you want to add WeChat chat without evidence. Hit the beginning of the business shop, bangle often have the possibility of Jianlou. Salted fish have non-professional sellers, but also a goal to open up the leak, but also more honest. Must have a certificate, the picture look carefully to buy, because if the return was lost or broken is to be responsible for their own. bangle Or that sentence, choose their own does not matter what the price of the broken.

The most important thing is to buy bracelets to choose and have their own fate, so every day will be wiped. Others say what good and good, if you can not feel it, then there is no sense, bangle follow the trend is also easy to fooled. bangle Wear it is to increase your aura, always remind you how to find it in many babies, Jianlou experience is very beautiful, wearing bracelets will be more transparent for many years, bangle the case will have a subtle change, its quality will rise , But also your time to accompany and encourage

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