Bangle Practice Summary

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Jade bracelet In addition to the jade of the kinds of water, bangle color, kind of head, jade bracelet shape also includes jade flaws, problems, that is, stone, cracks, variegated stains and so on. Knowledge is more professional, need to be patient and practice summary.

Most of the jade bracelets are plain arc or horseshoe-shaped, bangle its shape is simple, the processing technology is not very complicated, so the bracelet bracelet type and the ease of processing or jade bracelet ring size of the price of jade bracelet impact Very small, almost negligible. bangle Therefore, the purchase of jade bracelet before you want to clear, what type of jade bracelet is suitable for.

Jade bracelet of the water is to determine the quality of jade bracelet meat quality and quality factors. Jadeite water determines the price of jade bracelets, the price from high to low are: glass species, ice species, glutinous species, beans species.

There are many types of emerald colors, green, blue, violet, red, yellow, black, and the other colors derived from it. Different colors have different aesthetic styles, bangle suitable for different people. In the purchase of jade bracelet should be clear before their favorite color types, and clear Jade bracelet color really species, do not mistakenly judge the color.

Natural jade or more or more have some problems or deficiencies, more obvious or common is the emerald cracks, stone or stains. Jade crack refers to the emerald rupture of the formation of cracks in the part of the crack around the jade meat almost no connection. Jade stone pattern and crack is different, but the formation of jade during the formation of stripes, ribbon or other shape of the texture, bangle or crack healing to a certain degree of performance, texture on both sides of the emerald meat is more connected. Emerald stain is obviously different from the overall color of jade or hindered the color of jade pieces, such as dark spots, gray stains and so on. Therefore, in the purchase should be reasonable to determine whether it is jade flaws, and the severity of the flaws.

Jade bracelet in the same species, bangle the same color of the case, the size is different, the price will change. Jade bracelet ring small, according to the size of their own palm to decide, so wear will be comfortable.

1. Select holidays, businesses engage in activities to buy when the discount. But to distinguish between business "high price, low discount" approach. bangle In general, just opened a business really discount will be a little more, or even the cost of selling.

2. Avoid jewelry consumption season to buy jade bracelet. bangle Jewelry consumption season is generally "51", "11", the Spring Festival, or other fake holiday, bangle tourist season, conditions permitting, try to avoid these time to buy jade bracelet.

3. to avoid the low trough of jade raw materials. June to September each year is the rainy season in Myanmar, raw material mining difficult, less output, bangle the overall price of jade must rise, so it is best to avoid this time to buy jade bracelet.

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