Matching learning, collar bone chain lock us

- Dec 08, 2016 -

What chain of clavicle?

It is down to the clavicle where necklace jewelry to highlight the neck curve, set off the sexy beautiful collarbone for the mission. Whether it is life's everyday casual or Grand dinner suits, a simple and graceful collar chain that will turn your elegance perfectly illustrates, gives a sense of simplicity and simple fashion. How to pick a chain of clavicle?

Diminutive woman suggest the selection of pendants jewelry more elegant to wear so that more bird; build more plump woman can pick a large pendant, this match more atmospheric, Queen fan.

Length of chain selected for?

Clavicle chain length of about 40cm, but due to the personal characteristics of body and neck are not the same, so it can be targeted adjustments, usually more common lengths range from 38~45cm. Remember one worn principles: wear the necklace ends after exactly in the horizontal position of the clavicle is a plus, so perfectly complements the beauty of the clavicle.

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